Automated Product Screenshots

We run an automated process that continually takes on-brand and beautifully styled screenshots of all your SaaS product features — on desktop, mobile, dark mode, localized, etc. As you update your product, we automatically update all images.

Millions of product screenshots for amazing teams around the world


Automation in four simple steps

Identify Features. Add an existing HTML ID for Elements on your App pages or generate one to be inserted.

Assign Style. Pick a style template or apply customized cropping, margins, background, opacity, rounded corners, watermarks, etc.

Get Screenshots. We visit your App in all selected modes, take feature screenshots, apply your styling, and save to the cloud.

Add to website. Seamlessly embed feature screenshots. As you update your product, we automatically update associated images.

“ I came for the screenshots, and I'll stay for the screenshots, but truth be told, a singular place to describe our features is a blessing for my team. ”

Leigh Anne, Product Marketing Manager (PMM)
LaunchBrightly Features Page
Anita Koimur, LiveFlow

Now it seems a little silly that we added and updated images for all the templates in our financial reports library. Manually. Over and over again. Screenshot Automation from LaunchBrightly is a peek into the future.