By Josh Peacock In Events | August 2023

Check out the awesome list of speakers at Write the Docs Atlantic (including us!)

The schedule for Write the Docs Atlantic is published. And we’re part of it! We are super excited to be forming part of an awesome list of speakers scheduled to talk at the virtual conference from September 10-12.

LaunchBrightly The Power of Product Screenshots WTD Atlantic

Write the Docs Atlantic is a conference focused on all things related to software documentation. It brings together over 300 people from across the documentation landscape: Programmers, Tech Writers, Support, Designers, Developer Advocates, or anyone with a deep care for documentation. And is a chance to come together, collaborate, and learn from other people passionate about all things documentation.

This year’s Write the Docs Atlantic event will be held virtually from September 10-12 and contain a mix of:

  • Conference talks and Q&A
  • Lightning talks
  • Unconference; and
  • Opportunities to network and meet other documentarians

You can see the full schedule here.

We are chuffed to have been chosen to host a talk on: The power of product screenshots in your help documentation. And how keeping them updated can be automated!

Our talk cover the following topics:

  • The importance of your knowledge base and self-service support
  • An evidence-based approach to highlighting why product screenshots are so powerful
  • Some of the knowledge base metrics your product screenshots will impact
  • Two different styles of product screenshots we see used in knowledge bases
  • Some automation hacks to keep your product screenshots up-to-date

We’re also super excited to see the other amazing speakers including:

OpenAPI for Documentarians: hosted by Lorna Mitchell

Lorna will provide an overview of the structure of OpenAPI descriptions, details on taking advantage of OpenAPI features to create documentation, and some tips on working around common problems. The talk will also outline some of the tools available to help you through various stages of the API lifecycle, and how these fit into your documentation workflow. *We are also taking a few baby steps towards our own public API Documentation at the moment, so this is very close to our heart!

Working with User Experience to Maximize User Success: hosted by Katie Riker

Katie will share collaborative success stories between Technical Writers and UX to discuss strategies and techniques for:

  • Getting early exposure to planned workflows and features
  • Contributing to user success through UI copy and onboarding
  • Gaining more strategic influence on products through UX collaboration.

You can see a full list of speakers, and a summary of each talk, here.

Feel free to connect with us (Dennis, Josh) ahead of time. Otherwise, “see” you at the event! :-)