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Even more customization for your styling templates

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Even more customization for your styling templates

We’ve been working hard over the holiday period to add even more customization options when setting the styling templates for your automated product screenshots. Now add gradient background styling and caption text to your screenshots.

Caption text for your screenshots

Including captions with your screenshots can be a potent option when using your screenshots beyond your help center. For example, when pasting your generated screenshots into live chat sessions with your customers, they now come with added clarity by including a caption. 

The screenshot automation platform now allows you to add captions to your automatically generated product screenshots, and fully customize styling parameters of your screenshot captions. 

  • Adjust the font size and color of your captions to follow your brand guidelines
  • Create an offset around your screenshot captions so they look just right
  • Set the positions of your captions to appear at either the top or bottom of your screenshots

LaunchBrightly Screenshot Captions Styling

Added accessibility and SEO bonus

The screenshot automation platform provides you with access to a fully populated <IMG> tag using the uniquely identifiable Screenshot URLs for each of your individual product screenshots. Readymade HTML to embed directly into your help center.

In addition the search friendly path and filename of your Screenshot URLs, and as an extension of the Caption update, we now automatically add an ALT text and title attribute to the fully populated <IMG> tag to further improve both accessibility and SEO. There is real SEO value, at relatively low cost, and real ability to increase your SERP quality by applying ALT text and the title attribute to your product screenshots, and you can now automatically apply these best practices to all of your screenshots.

LaunchBrightly Screenshot Embed Code

Gradient background styling

Using our styling tool you are able to create a fully customizable styling template to apply a set of visual enhancements to each of your screenshots ensuring they are automatically on-brand, and consistent from screenshot to screenshot.

Enhance your screenshots by adjusting margin settings for proper breathing space. Use background colors in line with your brand guidelines. Add rounded corners and shadows to your screenshots for depth and contrast, adding subtle focus to your images and elevating the overall visual appeal. And much more.

Now adding gradient as a background style into the mix! Use background colors matching your brand identity, and set your to a linear-gradient to display a progressive transition between your two custom colors down to the bottom right around your image elevating the overall visual appeal.

LaunchBrightly Gradients Style

See the full set of styling customizations available using our styling tool

The magic of Reprocess All

If you want to play around with any of these new customizations for your styling templates. Say adding a gradient background, or adjusting the font size and color of your caption. Or any of your styling options for that matter. No worries. Adjust the styling as needed and reprocess all of your screenshots with a simple click-of-a-button to automatically generate new screenshots reflecting your style adjustments.

Want to see how this styling looks on some of your screenshots? We’d love to run a mini POC where we set up a dozen or so screenshots for you to comment on. No commitment, just some geeking out between friends. *Click reply OR click this button to just steal some time on our calendar. 

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