By Dennis Mortensen In Events, Support Driven | March 2024

Join us at the Support Driven Leadership Summit in San Diego!

The agenda is set, and we can’t wait to spend the week collaborating and learning from other leaders in the customer support community. We’re super excited to see everyone out in San Diego from March 26-27.

LaunchBrightly Join Us At The Support Driven Leadership Summit

The Support Driven Leadership Summit is a dedicated in-person event for Heads of Support and Senior Leaders in Customer Support/Customer Experience.

This year’s Leadership Summit will be exploring an important theme facing many customer support leaders today: Transforming Customer Support from Cost Center to Value Driver. The summit will also focus on sub-themes including:

  • Being at the Executive Table
  • Collaboration and Alignment across the company
  • Professional Development

Customer support is a value driver! The outdated perception that customer support teams are merely a cost center needs to change. One of the ways we’ve seen customer support leaders overcome this perception is by highlighting the positive impact their team has driving key business metrics. We took a look at six business metrics and provided some recommendations on how support leaders can use these metrics to effectively demonstrate how customer support transcends its outdated perception as a cost center.

Our COO and Co-founder, Josh, will be harking back to his CFO days and providing a talk on How to Win Friends and Influence your CFO: Changing the Perception of Support in your Business.

The awesome list of talks scheduled for the summit includes:

Beyond Deflection: Making Self-Service a Driver of Customer Value
Speaker: David Kay

Guarantee Renewals with Customer-Centric Onboarding
Speaker: Clay Teffler

Storytelling with Customer Data: Turn Insights into Meaningful Change
Speaker: Radha Saikia

Pitfalls of Driving Revenue
Speaker: Brian Levine

Support Budgets with Data-Driven Hiring From Deficits to Data
Speaker: Melissa Champ

Cost Center to Revenue Generator: A Roadmap
Speaker: Arturo Suarez Martin

Premier Support Excellence: Customer Engagement Strategies
Speaker: Rachel Wu

Stronger Together: A Support & Success Collaboration Approach to Renewals
Speaker: John Witt

Strategic Customer Support: Driving Business Value Beyond Revenue
Speaker: Mollie Holland

How to Influence the Company Roadmap
Speaker: Kevin Yang

How to Execute Exceptional Product Feedback Loops
Panelists: Varun Sharma, Desiree Gregory, Michael Nguyen