By Josh Peacock In Events, Support Driven | October 2023

See a recording of our talk from the Support Driven Expo!

A big thank you to all the team for giving us the opportunity to give a talk at this year’s Support Driven Expo on Understanding the Power of Product Visuals. And, more importantly, thank you for putting on an amazing event that allowed us to collaborate and learn as a customer support community.

LaunchBrightly The Power of Product Visuals Support Driven Expo

Today’s customers are savvy, self-reliant and overwhelmingly prefer to use self-service support tools to resolve issues for themselves. This makes your help center, the foundation of your self-service support offering, one of your most important customer support channels. To ensure you are providing your customers with a high-quality self-service experience, one which allows them to find answers to their problems, it is imperative that your help center and your help documentation is easily accessible, up-to-date and easily digestible. And using product visuals is one of the most powerful ways to do this!

Check out the recording of our talk below where we use evidence-based theory to describe the advantages of visual learning and the powerful role visuals like product screenshots play in conveying messages faster, building trust with your customers and driving engagement with your support documentation by triggering stronger reactions than words. Also learn some useful tips on how to apply Richard Mayer’s 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning when styling product visuals.

You can see the full recording of our talk below, or catch it on Youtube.

Below are just a few of the talks we really enjoyed listening in on while out in Vegas!

A Public Handbook: Building trust with the team, customers, and beyond
Presenter: Cynthia "Arty" Ng (GitLab)

How do you build trust before you ever interact with others? A public handbook! We'll explain the value and benefits of having a public handbook, how you can get started on your own, and how to handle the challenges.

The Power of Automation in Customer Support
Presenter: Kim Everett (Outschool)

Discover how automation, even with simple implementation, can significantly contribute to efficiency in customer support by optimizing workflows and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Easy recipes for help doc accessibility!
Presenter: Kat Roberts (Litmus)

Grab your chef hat and learn about a few secret ingredients you can sprinkle on your knowledge articles. Serve your help doc guests a five-star experience!

If you missed the Expo you can sign up to see recordings of all 40 of the talks from the event from the Support Driven Vimeo page.

If you have any follow up questions, or just want to geek-out on product visuals feel free to ping us!