By Josh Peacock, Dennis Mortensen In Newsletter | April 2024

We’ll be in Vegas for the Support Driven Expo

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The Support Driven Expo brings the Support Driven Community together to show how Customer Support really works so we can learn from each other, collaborate, and move the industry forward.

This year’s event will be held at UNLV in Las Vegas from May 14-15, and will have 8 tracks full of focused sessions that you and your team can mix and match to customize a program that best suits your needs.

We’d love to see you - so please do pop by our table in the main Expo Hall and say hello if you’ll be in Vegas too! Or feel free to grab some time on our calendar ahead of time. See you soon Las Vegas 🙌

And we couldn’t be more excited to have our CEO, Dennis, as part of the stellar list of speakers!

Why investing in quality Support Articles is your most important AI Strategy

LaunchBrightly Support Driven Expo Talk

Your help center is one of your most important, and often most underrated, pillars of your customer experience strategies. It also has the potential to transform many aspects of your overall business operations - from streamlining working and enhancing communication across to the team, to improving customer service and boosting operational efficiency. It can also be one of your most important AI strategies!

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

Proprietary AI can truly become one of your greatest competitive advantages. Whether developed internally or tailored to your specific needs, it harnesses proprietary datasets, with your hand-crafted support articles serving as its foundation.

Your support articles contain a wealth of data that can be extracted to enhance and improve your machine learning models. Just some of which includes:

  • The structured and unstructured content in your articles.
  • Metadata such publication dates, tags, keywords and categories.
  • Fresh, accurate and well annotated screenshots of your product and other visuals that support your article text.
  • Image metadata like format and dimensions, as well as the concepts and objects being depicted.
  • Article analytics on usage, user feedback from comments and ratings, and data on search terms.

But the success of the proprietary AI built around your support articles hinges on the quality and relevance of those articles. If the data in your support articles is inaccurate or out-of-date, the quality of your AI will suffer. Garbage in, garbage out! It's crucial to ensure that your support articles, from the text to the product screenshots, are up-to-date, relevant and accurate.

If you want to geek out more on the importance of high-quality support articles, and AI, feel free to ping Dennis directly :-)