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Why work at LaunchBrightly?

We are on a mission to build the first continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and process for Support teams.

And our success in achieving this starts with our team! This is a unique opportunity to join a startup on the ground floor and work intimately with the founding team, who has done 0 to 1 five times over while seeing four of them come to an exit.

Who we are

Everyone at LaunchBrightly is a creator, an owner, or perhaps better, a celebration of the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. Most big companies are afraid of entrusting the future of the company and their software to a few makers, and as they defend against that, they end up with three layers of managers and a product designed by a committee. We want the opposite. We need the opposite as we enter virgin territory trying to build a continuous-integration and continuous-deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and process for Support teams. As our customer pushes a new feature to production, we automatically update all her feature images across platforms. This is a thrilling adventure!

Our work is remote, not distant. We believe that being a remote-first organization allows us to build an exceptional team composed of makers and sellers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets from around the globe. Our default work culture is asynchronous and emphasizes written communication to prioritize maker time, focus and company productivity. Our goal is not to eliminate face-to-face interaction, but we should default to a setting where written documentation is so strong that a meeting on most project subject matters would seem odd.

We are on a hazardous journey together, with long months of complete darkness and constant danger. A safe return is rooted in the beliefs below:

Make our customers happy

Our most important job is to help our customers be happy and ultimately successful. We take an aggressive customer-first approach to everything we do and believe that talking to customers and delivering exceptional customer service is the lifeblood of our business. Every team-member independent of function should speak to customers. Often. And empathetically.

Build together

We believe in transparency, in open and honest communication, and want to freely collaborate and share ideas, struggles, and success with our customers and across our community.

Be relentlessly resourceful

No challenge is too big or daunting. We are resourceful, tenacious, and creative in finding solutions. Hustle. We see challenges as untested opportunities and dive head first into overcoming and applying a level of grit most people would find daunting.

Be comfortable in the dark

Building something new forces us to be comfortable in the dark and taking chances by making big, disciplined bets. We embrace the uncertainty. We never let fear influence our decisions, and once aligned, we fully commit to executing our ideas. All in.

Have a bias for action

Speed magnifies impact and we have a bias for action and moving swiftly, even if we have to retreat later. We don't just work on what is assigned, but take initiative to figure out what jobs need to get done and do them. We are motivated by making an impact.