Embed live product screenshots directly in your help articles

Set an automated product screenshot sequence to automatically, and repeatedly, capture updated screenshots as your engineering team pushes product changes, big or small. Embed these automated screenshots directly in your help articles so they will always reflect the latest version of your product.

Live linking using a screenshot URL

Each automated product screenshot will have a fully customizable path and filename which will be used to create a screenshot URL uniquely identifiable to each individual screenshot. Your automated screenshots will be saved under the same filename each time, and continuously overwritten under this same filename, meaning the URL associated with each screenshot will also remain the same.

Use screenshot URLs in your help center, or anywhere you want really, with the confidence of knowing it will forever remain the same while serving the most up-to-date version of your product screenshot.

Embed your product screenshots using a fully populated <IMG> tag

The screenshot automation platform provides you with a fully populated <IMG> tag using the uniquely identifiable screenshot URL for each of your individual product screenshots.

The fully populated <IMG> tag provides you with ready-made HTML so, rather than writing the HTML yourself, you can simply copy the embed code for the fully populated <IMG> tags to use the live links of your automated product screenshots directly in your help center.

Millions of product screenshots for amazing support teams around the world


Now it seems a little silly that we continually updated images for all of our help articles. Manually. Over and over again. Screenshot Automation from LaunchBrightly is a peek into the future.

Anita Koimur
Co-founder/COO at LiveFlow