18th August 2022


A very large number of reputable companies trust LaunchBrightly to keep their company data safe and secure every day, and we take that responsibility very seriously. No matter the protocol applied, it is important for us to underline just how important it is that you feel secure when working with us.

Server Security

The LaunchBrightly service runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All LaunchBrightly machines limit access to the least number of people necessary to keep them up and running. Deployments are automated to all machines, and all machines with access to LaunchBrightly data have SSH disabled to prevent any unauthorized access to customer data.


All data exchanged with LaunchBrightly is done via the HTTPS protocol.

Data Storage

Live LaunchBrightly data is stored on AWS (US Regions) in DynamoDB, and access is limited to machines that need read and write access to the data.

Employee Access

No LaunchBrightly employee will ever see intimate customer data unless required to do so for support reasons. If you reach out with a support issue that requires us to access intimate customer data, we will request and wait for your written permission before doing so. We have an audit trail of intimate customer data access to prevent misuse. We would only access your customer data without your permission in the event of a rare, emergency service incident that is causing a system-level outage.

Maintaining Security

We do NOT store passwords or any sign-in credentials, which are managed by AWS using Cognito. Sign-in information is always sent over SSL.

We kindly request confirmation of user emails using a one-time pin as you sign up for the service.

Credit Card Safety

When you sign up for a paid account on LaunchBrightly, your credit card information is handed off to Stripe, a company dedicated to storing your sensitive data on PCI-Compliant servers. Our servers do not store or even see your credit card information.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at hello@launchbrightly.com, we are very eager to elaborate on any request.