By Josh Peacock, Dennis Mortensen In Newsletter | May 2024

SD Expo in Vegas. +Download Deck: Support Articles are your most important AI strategy!

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The Support Driven Expo 2024 is in the books!

Firstly, we'd like to say a massive thank you to the amazing Support Driven community and all of those who passed by our table to say hello out in Vegas. The insightful conversations, enthusiasm for what we are building at LaunchBrightly, and all those friendly smiles made it one to remember! So thank you 🥰

Use AI to advocate for investing into your Knowledge Base and quality Support Articles

After two days of thought provoking conversations across the Knowledge Management and AI tracks it is as clear as ever, to us at least, that a winning position for your CX organizations stems from high-quality, accurate and up-to-date support articles!

The focus on self-service support solutions has been growing for many years. However, all too often still, companies view the knowledge base and other self-service options as a mere cost reduction mechanism. But it is so much more than a deflection tactic!

† Scott Tran and Dennis Mortensen

Today’s customers are savvy, self-reliant and overwhelmingly turn to self-service as their first point of contact with your support organization and, many times, your entire organization. Making your knowledge base, and your help documentation, a pillar of your overall customer experience strategy.

LaunchBrightly Why Investing in Quality Support Articles is your Most Important AI Strategy

As Support professionals we already know this. But advocating for investment into your knowledge base, and maintaining high-quality customer help documentation, can be challenging. Getting management buy-in is not as easy as it should be given the crucial role it plays in enhancing customer experience.

However, what we often overlook, when building that business case for knowledge management and investing into your knowledge base is how high-quality support articles are (or should be) at the core of your AI strategies and foundational to building a true competitive advantage through proprietary AI.

In CX, one of the most valuable sources of data is your hand-crafted support articles enriched with quality metadata available to be extracted.

With the rise of AI, and a lust from leadership teams to find ways to implement AI strategies, our CEO, Dennis, gave a talk providing some useful background and context on the foundational role high-quality support articles can play in your organizations AI strategy, and how to best leverage that when advocating for investment in knowledge management and quality help documentation.

Download Deck

We saved a copy of the slides inside the App as a resource to help when building out your internal business case. You can download the slides here if you already have an account or, if not, feel free to quickly sign up for a FREE account to get the slides :-)

If you’d like to chat more about how stellar support articles can set you up for success, or just want to geek-out on product screenshots, feel free to reach out!