By Josh Peacock In Events, Support Driven | May 2024

Recap: Support Driven Expo 2024

This year’s Support Driven Expo was held at UNLV in Las Vegas from May 14-15. The event brought together the community of customer support professionals for two days full of focused programming sessions and a series of conversation corners to foster collaboration and thought provoking conversation.

The focused programming sessions were concentrated around the following topic tracks, and presented by expert speakers with hands-on experience in each of these different fields:

And our CEO and Founder, Dennis, was also part of the awesome list of speakers: Why investing in quality Support Articles is your most important AI Strategy

LaunchBrightly Why Investing in Quality Support Articles is your Most Important AI Strategy

Dennis set the stage by providing background and context on the difference between off-the-shelf algorithmic AI and proprietary AI data sets in CX. He described how hand-crafted support articles can serve as one of your most valuable sources of data, and how these data-rich articles (which contain a dozen data categories that are able to be extracted) can be fed into proprietary machine learning models to create a truly competitive advantage!

Download slides
We saved a copy of the slides inside the App should they be helpful in building out your internal business case, and helping to better advocate for the importance of knowledge management and quality help documentation as the foundational component of your AI strategy. So if you have an account already you can download the slides here, and if not, feel free to quickly sign up for a FREE account to get the slides :-)

There were many great speakers and even more great conversations with the community across the two days. But we did want to highlight just a few of those talks that we really enjoyed, including:

How to Prep your Knowledge Bases for AI
Conversation corner hosted by: Alison Groves (Help Scout)

Following a similar theme to the talk presented by Dennis, this was a lively conversation where the group shared some tips and tricks for how customer support professionals can best ensure their knowledge base is AI-ready.

Building a sustainable documentation update process
Presented by: Chris Berg (Litmus)

This is a topic we are super passionate about! With customers increasingly using self-service support as the first point of contact with your customer support organization, ensuring your help documentation and is fully up-to-date is one of the most important aspects of your overall customer experience strategy.

Chris gave some great tips on strategies, tools and processes you can use to coordinate with different areas of the business to ensure you stay on top of help documentation updates.

We are no doubt biased 😉 but we think another great way to stay on top of product changes is LaunchBrightly’s screenshot audits. Each time you run an audit the platform will generate new versions of your screenshots, compare these up-to-the-minute screenshots against prior versions, and will automatically alert you whenever product changes are detected.

Content Chaos? How to Streamline Your Knowledge Base
Presented by: Hannah Cole (Lose It!)

As the importance of self-service support continues to increase, and are provided with more and more avenues to support themselves, the knowledge base has remained the foundation of your self-service support offering.

The goal of your knowledge base is to provide your customers with the information they need to resolve their issue in one place. To provide them with help documentation that is so robust and well organized that they are able to quickly and easily find the information they need without contacting your customer support team.

But organizing and structuring your knowledge base content can be daunting. Hannah provided a number of best practices for how to structure both your internal and external knowledge bases so they are well organized and easy to navigate.

If you missed this year’s Support Driven Expo, or would like to see more of the great talks, you can sign up to see all the recordings from the event from the Support Driven Vimeo page.

Including the other speakers in the Knowledge Management track who were kind enough to share experiences and insight:

So Leadership Just Learned About 'Self Serve Support' - Now What?
Presented by: Maring Eberlein (MFrances Consulting)

Inclusive Support: Diversifying Content For Broad Audiences
Presented by: Wyl Villacres (Tability)

Can we Crowdsource Knowledge Management?
Presented by: David Kay (DB Kay & Associates)

The Knowledge Framework: Never Leave the Team Hanging
Presented by: Yoram Baltinester (Bonterra)

See you at the next Support Driven Expo 🚀

If you’d like to chat more about how stellar support articles can set you up for success, or just want to geek-out on product screenshots, feel free to reach out!