By Josh Peacock In Metrics, KPIs | March 2024

See how many images are in YOUR help center!

We machine analyzed 30,426 support articles to get an honest benchmark for the Average Images per Support Article ratio.

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Today’s customers have told us over and over again that, more often than not, they would rather resolve an issue for themselves using your online tools than by contacting your customer support team. Which makes building a great help center, and providing superior help documentation, one of the most crucial components of your overall customer experience strategy. And providing your customers with great help documentation starts with product visuals.

The product screenshots in your help articles, and other documentation, are the most immediate way your customers identify what an article is trying to help them resolve. Your product screenshots communicate to your customers what a help article is about, and allows them to easily see if they have landed in the right spot to find the answers they need.

Not only do your product visuals help communicate the relevance of the content in your help articles, they are also an important tool for making sure your help documentation is easily digestible and engaging. Including product screenshots in your help articles is a great way to prevent your customers from getting lost in large blocks of text and organically break your content into steps to make it more digestible. It will make your content easier to navigate and increase the likelihood of your customers finding the answers they need more quickly.

To get an idea of how companies are taking advantage of product screenshots in their help centers we crawled 30,426 support articles and machine analyzed each one of them to get an honest ratio of Images per Support Article.

On those articles analyzed, across different help center platforms, we found the Average Images per Support is 2.72.

*Analyzed on August 22, 2023
** All images outside the body of the article were excluded

We also found the following fun stats:

  • A total of 82,732 images were found in our analysis
  • The largest number of images we found in a single help center was 3,835
  • The highest number of articles we found in a single help center as 1,195

Your product screenshots can be a powerful tool in helping your customers self-serve and removing customer frustration. However, an important step towards achieving this is ensuring you keep your product screenshots fully up-to-date. It will build your customers' trust. If your customers find outdated screenshots in your help documentation, they may immediately leave a help article thinking they are in the wrong place even though the answer to their questions is right in front of them.

At LaunchBrightly we automate the product screenshot process to automatically generate screenshots of the latest version of your product, and to ensure the screenshots in your help are always fully up-to-date.

We have an open API which can crawl help centers (which we use as an onboarding tool in our App). Feel free to ping us if you’re curious how many screenshots are in your help center - we’d be more than happy to run this for you! :-)

*We currently support the following help centers: Zendesk, Intercom, Help Scout, Freshdesk, Kustomer and Helpjuice