Export your automated product screenshots

Easily export your automated product screenshots at any time should you want to share them internally with other teams, or have your automated screenshots copied to a storage bucket of your control.

Share up-to-date screenshots internally with other teams

Export all of your screenshots to Google Drive, and other file storage platforms, allowing you to share the most up-to-date versions of your product screenshots with other teams, such as sales and marketing.

Each of your automated product screenshots will have a fully customizable path and filename associated with it. The path and filename is used to uniquely identify each individual screenshot will be used as a folder hierarchy for you to easily catalog your screenshots on export.

A Google Drive of yours / team name / product name / screenshotmode-filename .PNG

Copy your screenshots to a storage bucket of your control

You can select to have your automated product screenshots be copied, and subsequently fetched from, a storage bucket of your control. The screenshot automation platform will save a copy of that latest version of your screenshot to the storage bucket you designate.

This, among other things, provides you with an option to create a customized screenshot URL for each of your individual screenshots which follows this pattern:

https://yourdomain.com / team name / product name / screenshotmode-filename .PNG

Connect and Export to Your Favorite Storage Platforms

Amazon S3
Cloudflare R2
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive

Setting up our Cloudflare storage integration was easy! We just added a dedicated token for our R2 bucket and were able to continuously see all of our screenshots copied over (exported).

Edgar Modesto
Implementation Specialist at Tallyfy