By Dennis Mortensen In Metrics, KPIs, Best Practices | February 2024

Use CSAT to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

Use CSAT to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

CSAT scores significantly impact customer loyalty and revenue growth

Customer support teams often find themselves viewed as a cost center, overshadowed by the misconceptions that their primary function drains resources from the business rather than being a contributor to revenue generation and overall success. However, leveraging Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores can help challenge this misconception, and showcase customer support as a pivotal element of the business that directly influences retention and upsell rates. By framing the argument based on data and a statistical backdrop, and much research, it is very evident that high CSAT scores are a strong positive variable in increasing customer loyalty and the accompanying revenue growth opportunities. Certainly an argument you owe your support organization to make!

Keeping help center collateral up to date increases CSAT scores

The first interaction your customers have with your support organization is often your help center. Outdated help documentation, and particularly product images (as the most immediate signal to your customers), represents a significant challenge to maintaining the trust and satisfaction of your users. The frequent product updates (which is awesome) engineering teams make to SaaS products exacerbate this issue, with help documentation often lagging behind, leading to stale screenshots and outdated information. The introduction of a reliable and fully automatic screenshot process can revolutionize this current manual burden, ensuring that your help center remains synchronized with the latest product updates. This not only enhances user success when exposed to help articles but also significantly contributes to higher CSAT scores. Clearly demonstrating the critical role of customer support plays in maintaining current and accurate support resources, and driving customer value.

Comparing your CSAT support metrics against industry benchmarks

To further underscore the strategic importance of customer support, comparing your CSAT support metrics against industry benchmarks offers a clear perspective on how your team is contributing positively to the overall success of your company or areas where optimization could yield even greater impact. This comparison not only highlights the effectiveness of your customer support strategies but also positions the team as a key driver of customer satisfaction and business growth. Through this lens, customer support transitions from being viewed as a cost center to being recognized as an essential component of the business model, integral to building and sustaining strong customer relationships and driving revenue.