By Josh Peacock, Dennis Mortensen In Newsletter | May 2024

LAUNCH: LaunchBrightly V1.0 πŸš€

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Taking screenshots is a manual chore and way more cumbersome than it needs to be. Having taken, quite literally, thousands of product screenshots over the years we started LaunchBrightly 18 months ago to solve this unnecessarily manual burden.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our V1, with an ever-evolving set of features that allow you to set up simple automation recipes to continuously auto-generate the latest screenshots of your product. Screenshot automation is here!

LaunchBrightly Screenshot Gallery

Just some of the ways you can use the screenshot automation platform to modernize your screenshot processes, include:

  • Creating a Login Profile to capture screenshots from behind the login of an application without requiring engineering support (or unnecessary plugins or extensions)
  • Using the Screenshot Recipe Builder to meticulously record the steps to capture your ideal screenshot - from clicking buttons, adding input text, to adding precise annotations
  • Creating fully customizable styling templates to automatically apply a set of visuals enhancements to each of your screenshots ensuring they are on-brand and consistent
  • Scheduling auto-reprocessing to repeatedly generate new versions of your screenshots, and receive automatic alerts whenever product changes are detected
  • Embedding or syncing your automated screenshots directly with your help center to, automatically and continuously, have the screenshots in your help documentation update as your product changes

We’d love to do a quick Zoom and demo the V1 for you. No sales. No deck. Straight product demo to show you where we are at! :-)

And a BIG thank you to wonderful CX community

We’d like to give a big thank you to the many folks who have been so generous with their time, kindly sitting in numerous Zoom calls. Your insight has been invaluable in helping us get to our V1 launch today! πŸ™

We will have a table in the main Expo Hall at the Support Driven Expo in May, and we’d love to say thank you in person so please do pop by and say hello if you will be in Vegas too! Or feel free to grab some time on our Vegas calendar ahead of time.

Cheers from the LaunchBrightly team!
Dennis, Josh, Hyder, Jose, Lucas and Vibeke πŸ₯°