By Dennis Mortensen In Metrics, KPIs, Best Practices | March 2024

Use Increased Upsell/Cross-Sell to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

Use Upsell to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

Attentive support enables positive interactions that uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Customer support teams are often seen merely as cost centers (don't you just hate it), with their potential for driving revenue and enhancing customer success frequently overlooked. Yet, by leveraging data and good analytical backdrops to illustrate the impact of customer support on upselling and cross-selling opportunities, it becomes clear that these teams play a crucial role in revenue generation. Positive customer interactions, facilitated by attentive and informed support, lay the groundwork for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to recommend additional products or features. This approach not only addresses immediate customer needs but also actively contributes to the company's financial growth, challenging the traditional view of customer support as a non-revenue-generating entity.

A fully updated help center positions support agents as trusted advisors for recommending value-adding products

The frustration arising from outdated help documentation, especially in fast-evolving SaaS environments, can significantly hinder customer satisfaction and trust. This issue, however, presents a unique opportunity for customer support to shine. By implementing a reliable and fully automatic screenshot updating process, customer support can ensure the help center remains synchronized with the latest product updates, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. This proactive stance not only alleviates potential customer frustrations but also positions support agents as trusted advisors who are well-equipped to identify and recommend additional value-adding products or features, further fostering opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

Comparing upsell/cross-sell metrics with NPS and CSAT highlights customer support's impact on sales

Drawing attention to specific instances where support agents have successfully identified customer needs and recommended additional products or features can effectively showcase the tangible value of customer support in driving sales. Additionally, comparing metrics related to increased upsell and cross-sell activities with other key performance indicators such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) offers insightful perspectives on how customer support directly influences sales. These comparisons highlight the positive contributions of the support team beyond mere problem resolution, emphasizing their role in actively generating revenue and promoting customer success. Through this lens, customer support is reimagined as an essential component of the business model, integral to nurturing customer relationships and driving sales growth.