By Dennis Mortensen In Metrics, KPIs, Best Practices | February 2024

Use NPS to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

Use NPS to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

Positive support boosts NPS scores, linking happy customers to higher retention, and increased LTV

In the SaaS industry, customer support teams play a crucial, but often underrated, role in driving both revenue generation and customer success. By leveraging the well known understanding of Net Promoter Score (NPS) across the business, support organizations can honestly illustrate the value they bring beyond the traditional stereotype as a cost center. NPS, a key metric for measuring customer loyalty and brand advocacy, provides concrete data validating the argument that customer support is very much an investment in the company’s growth. By emphasizing how positive and attentive support interactions boost NPS scores, you can highlight the direct link between effective customer support and the development of a loyal customer base inclined towards advocating for the brand.

Keeping help center collateral up to date boosts NPS scores

The customer frustration stemming from outdated help documentation, especially with rapidly evolving SaaS products, cannot be overstated. Not only is it immensely frustrating for your users, but it also provides a real barrier to them efficiently trying to resolve their issues. This disconnect, where product updates outpace the rate your help documentation is refreshed, undermines customer trust and satisfaction. Implementing a fully automatic screenshot process ensures that your help center remains in lockstep with product changes, significantly enhancing user experience and contributing to higher NPS scores. In addition to addressing user frustration from outdated help documentation, this approach further underscores the crucial role customer support plays in fostering satisfaction and loyalty, and further distances the function from the stereotypical notion of it being a mere cost center.

Comparing NPS to benchmarks help showcase support as key to business success and customer growth

Drawing on case studies where proactive and personalized support experiences have led to elevated NPS scores can offer compelling evidence of the strategic value of customer support. Such examples demonstrate the tangible impact investment into quality support interactions have on customer perceptions and business outcomes. Moreover, comparing your NPS metrics against industry benchmarks provides a clear gauge of your team's performance and areas for improvement. These comparisons positively showcase the contributions your customer support team makes on the business, as well as identifying opportunities to further improve customer loyalty and advocacy. Presenting customer support through this lens repositions it as a critical driver of business success, integral to nurturing and expanding the company's customer base.