By Dennis Mortensen In Metrics, KPIs, Best Practices | February 2024

Use Time to Value (TTV) to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

Use TTV to show that Customer Support is NOT a Cost Center

Reducing TTV boosts conversions and directly increases revenue

The role customer support teams play is too often thought of as just a cost center throughout an organization. Undervaluing the significant contribution support teams make to both revenue generation and growth. I know, unfair! Focusing on Time to Value (TTV), a key metric that measures the speed at which customers realize the value of a product, can help position customer support as the true asset and positive variable in enhancing customer experience and business growth. Efficient and effective support not only addresses user issues promptly but also accelerates customer onboarding, ensuring that users can quickly leverage the full potential of the product. This reduction in TTV directly correlates with increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and very likely increases conversion and a direct impact to revenue.

Outdated help center collateral extends the TTV and delays the customer realization of product value

The frustration your customers face when encountering outdated help documentation, particularly when it comes to product images, is real. When users see real discrepancies between the product capabilities they observe in the live environment and the related help documentation, it erodes their trust. Ultimately extending the TTV and delaying the realization of product value. Implementing a reliable and fully automatic screenshot process eliminates these discrepancies, ensuring that the help center is always synchronized with the latest product updates. This not only improves the accuracy of the support your users receive, but also significantly reduces the TTV by streamlining the customer's learning curve and enhancing their overall experience with the product.

Showcasing TTV in Before vs. After improved support scenarios

By presenting data comparing TTV before and after the implementation of improved support initiatives, you can concretely demonstrate the positive impact of customer support on reducing TTV and enhancing customer satisfaction. Such data highlights the direct contribution of support teams to accelerating customer onboarding and value realization, further distancing the unfair perception of customer support as a mere cost center. Using data on TTV you can positively reposition customer support in your organization as an essential cog in the SaaS business model, integral to nurturing and expanding the company's customer base by optimizing the customer journey and reducing the time to realize value. It seems so obvious that you should not need to say it, but here we are! :)