We run an automated process that continually takes on-brand and beautifully styled screenshots of all your SaaS product features — on desktop, mobile, dark mode, localized, etc. As you update your product, we automatically update all images. Think of it as four simple steps.


Identify Features

A single source of truth for all our SaaS product features. A place where your Product, its Editions, and all of the accompanying Features are defined, described, and updated. Very similar to the retailer who knows every single one of her SKUs. This is easily managed in an intuitive drag-and-drop UI and really where the sexy part starts, as you can now identify each of your features as an actual App Page and Element. Knowing exactly where the feature lives and what visual area it commands, we visit the page continuously and take beautifully styled feature screenshots.

“ I came for the screenshots, and I'll stay for the screenshots, but truth be told, a singular place to describe our features is a blessing for my team. ”

Leigh Anne, Product Marketing Manager (PMM)
LaunchBrightly Features Page

Assign Style

A consistent and customizable style is applied to every one of your Feature screenshots. No more wobbly margins, odd croppings, or low-resolution screenshots captured on somebody's laptop. Put in place a style that fully aligns with your identity. Assuring the cropping, margins, background, corners, watermarks, actual image formats, etc. are the same (exactly! and to the pixel) on each and every screenshot today and in the future. And should something change, just update your style, and we re-apply it to all prior screenshots.

“ I'll take the time saved (ROI) any day of the week for sure, but I really love the consistently styled screenshots that honor our Product. ”

Cathy Wong, VP Marketing
LaunchBrightly Style Page

Get Screenshots

A reliable and fully automatic screenshot process. We visit your SaaS App in the selected screenshot modes; desktop, mobile, dark, etc. and take a screenshot of all the defined Features, apply your customized styling and save them to the cloud. Needing a product image should not yield a manual task on some Trello board when it could be a search in your always-up-to-date screenshot repository. Need a screenshot of your settings page in dark mode on mobile, in german? No stress, we ran that last night and the newest version is ready for you to grab.

“ As a PM, I provide the raw materials (including screenshots) for product marketing, and turning that into an automated process feels; futuristic! ”

Margaret Nielsen, Product Manager
LaunchBrightly Screenshots Page

Add to Website

An embedded screenshot that updates continuously and in line with your product engineering efforts. That is how to run your marketing and support sites. Once you have a complete repository of perfect screenshots of all Features in all modes in the cloud, you can start linking to images to your cloud images.

“ My first thought was how much time it would have saved me never having to re-do my screenshots ”

Laney Caldwell
Laney Caldwell, Senior Product Manager at

“ This is saving me a ton of time when it comes to Help Articles. Never having to re-do a screenshot when it is slightly off ”

Brian Kaplan
Brian Kaplan, Head of Customer Success
LaunchBrightly Embed Page

Millions of product screenshots for amazing teams around the world

Anita Koimur, LiveFlow

Now it seems a little silly that we added and updated images for all the templates in our financial reports library. Manually. Over and over again. Screenshot Automation from LaunchBrightly is a peek into the future.