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Talking about Screenshots with Customer Support Teams
May 2024

LAUNCH V1.0: Automated Product Screenshots

LaunchBrightly’s screenshot automation platform allows you to set up simple automation recipes to continuously auto-generate the latest screenshots of your product.

May 2024

Rotten Data: The impact of outdated content and screenshots on your Support Metrics

The importance of keeping your help documentation accurate and up-to-date cannot be overstated! See how outdated content and screenshots can negatively impact your support metrics.

May 2024

Why investing in quality Support Articles is your most important AI Strategy

In CX, one of the most valuable sources of data is your hand-crafted support articles enriched with quality metadata available to be extracted.

April 2024

Should you use borders around screenshots in your help docs?

Whether or not to include a border around your images can be a matter for hot debate! See the most important factors to consider when deciding for yourself.

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